Solar Panels

Category: Save Energy at Home

With the escalating cost of electricity, consumers across Australia are looking for ways to save money on their power bill.

However, with the abundance of choices and schemes in place to incorporate renewable energy technologies into your home, the renewable energy landscape is fast becoming a complex arena.

What technology is really going to give you the best return on your investment both in the short and long term?

The quick answer is every property is different. It depends on when and how you use your energy. The best way to find out is to engage a specialist energy auditor who can provide you with a detailed assessment of your property and provide recommendations that will have an immediate impact.

Who can I contact for the detailed audit?

A Laser Electrician is the best person to perform your energy audit assessment as every Laser Electrician has been trained to provide specific energy efficient solutions as a holistic approach.

I’m interested in solar panels, how do they work?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels generate clean electricity by converting the energy in sunlight into energy you can use in your home. The solar PV panels are generally fitted on the roof in a northerly direction at an angle to maximise the amount of sunlight that hits the panels. From there, electricity is captured by heavy duty wires and fed back into a box called an inverter which transforms the energy into a format that is usable in the home.

So are solar panels the best choice for me?

Solar panels can save you money in one of two ways. They can help to reduce your energy usage which will equate to a reduction in your powerbill, or they can produce excess electricity (Renewable Energy Credits) which you can feed back in the electricity grid for a tariff. Every state has a different system in place for feed-in tariffs, for more information visit

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