Electrical Safety

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The risks of electricity to both people and property are well-known.

Because of the inherent risks of electricity, all State and Territory Governments have legislation in place which regulates who can install, maintain and repair electrical installations and apparatus.

You must use a licensed electrician to carry out any electrical work on your property, whether commercial, domestic or industrial.  When you hire an electrician, ask to see their licence - it is your guarantee that you are working with someone who knows what they are doing and gives you avenues for recourse if something goes wrong. 

Licensed electricians who carry out work at your premises must provide you with a certificate of compliance - the regulations regarding what type of certificate must be provided vary from state-to-state, so check your local authority for details. 

Never do it yourself

Every year a number of Australians are severely electrocuted or even killed by electricity, and a significant number of properties are either damaged or destroyed by fire resulting from electrical faults. It is illegal to undertake DIY electrical work unless you are a licensed electrician.

Unlicensed persons who do undertake electrical work can be prosecuted in the courts and incur substantial fines. In addition, home owners with illegal wiring may find that they are not covered by their home building insurance policy in the event of a fire which can be traced to the illegal wiring as the cause of the fire.

Always use a licensed electrician or electrical contractor for your wiring work, and protect yourself, your family and your property from the risks. Search for a licensed electrician

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