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David Trip, Laser Electrical - Wantirna, Victoria

What's the three essentials you need to do your job well?

  1. A can do attitude.
  2. Listen to what your customers are saying and deliver far beyond their expectations.
  3. Really know your craft. Be up to date with industry trends and step out of your comfort zone occasionally - but be careful, you might like it out there!

What are the best and worst aspects of your job?

We work in such a diverse industry with so much opportunity, to me, the glass is always half full.

Where do you find the best sources of advice and support?

I have found our electrical inspection company, Electrical Inspections Victoria (EIV), to be an awesome resource. Also, our National Laser Group Contractors are a great sounding board, as are Master electricians, and of course, industry magazines.

What are the biggest influences in your career?

My first bosses, Kevin Riley (Kevin Riley Electrics) and Dennis French (DMF Electrical). Both are cracker blokes who gave me great foundations on which to build my career.

What's the best Clipsal product of the last five years and why?

Saturn series, because of its unique look and appeal to the vast majority of our customers.

What is the biggest misconception people have about contractors?

That they are always late and you can't find one anywhere!

What do you think most households/workplaces should consider installing?

Energy efficient lighting systems, married up to solar grid connect, to offset the costs of our utilities. Basically, creating enough benefit from the energy reduction to keep the bean counters happy, with a short return on investment. After that, its money in the bank!

What tool should every electrical contractor carry in their van?

I've found that an iPad is not an accessory, it's now a necessity! It is perfect for giving customer presentations, video marketing, invoicing on the spot, and customer testimonials.

Where do you see your business in five to ten years time?

We will be, and are fast becoming, well known in our industry as the major go-to company for service, advice and the installation of energy efficient products. We
help individuals and businesses meet their responsibilities for a brighter, cleaner greener country, while saving them real dollars along the way.

Is there any kind of job that you would never want to do, ever again?

Not really. Over the years we have tackled some rippers, and when you actually come out of the other side of the job there is a great sense of achievement.

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