Ensuring your lights comply with Australian Standards

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littil only supply Laser Electrical with LED lights that are compliant with Australian standards

With a growing number of LED lighting products being offered for free, it is more important than ever for electricians to be diligent in ensuring products they use meet relevant safety standards.


Wires and plugs are declared items and it is essential that they are Australian Certified. This means they are imprinted with a model number and compliance number. The wires and cables must also be the legally required thickness.


It is not uncommon for LED lighting manufacturers to state products are IP65 rated when, in reality, they are not completely protected from dust or water jets.

  • If you have any concerns, ask to see test reports confirming the IP rating of your product


It is essential that the electrical safety of LED drivers is confirmed. Manufacturers of drivers must have an SAA certificate and drivers must be marked with the compliance number or have the RCM.


Under Australian Law, a compliant fuse must be fast acting, high rupture, 0.5 amp and ceramic. If a fluorescent tube has a fuse that is slow rupture, carries more amps, or is made from either glass or plastic, there is a danger it could explode if inserted into the fitting.


It is a requirement that all T8 Tubes are Type A. Type A LED tubes must have an internal driver that makes it possible for the lights to operate on existing fluorescent ballasts. Type B tubes are not reversible and may cause short circuits or fires.


The Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) is an Australian recognised symbol, signifying that a supplier has taken the necessary steps for their product to comply with the electrical safety requirements. The RCM is accepted by the ACMA and all other electrical safety regulators.

littil recommends only buying Australian Certified electrical products and electrical products

with proven electrical safety